Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Dusty Cover – Exciting Update

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Sorry for the delay in blogging lately, but I have been busy at work at the store where we will be opening The Dusty Cover in September (Lord willing). We gots keys to the space at the beginning of the month. Unfortunately, we are stalled at the moment, as the previous tenants “stuff” has yet to be fully removed. It has tried my patience work around it, but it is still exciting to be in the building.

We have already begun making some purchases, including most of the shelves (found a great deal), as well as the couches and chairs (another amazing deal, but still painfully expensive). I have been researching equipment for the coffee section, with some great options brewing (pun intended), but I am always open to suggestions. We want to serve fair trade, but not sure our neighbourhood can sustain the cost. Perhaps someone out there would like to support the store by providing the product…? We’ll see.

I hope unveil a new logo in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for that. We have a gifted designer donating time to that project, for which we are very grateful (again, more on that later). Some creative ideas are coming together for the kids section, with some volunteers showing interest in adopting the section as a project. All very promising.

Funding is still a challenge, as not many people have expressed interest to support the project (many, MANY thanks to those of you who have and do). Our goal is to make the stores “success” not dependant on income, so this is a crucial part of the plan. We have a few grant applications out, but no word so far. I am hopeful it will all come together.

Anyway, feel free to make any suggestions, ask any questions, so forth. I’ll post some pictures next week.

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