Thursday, July 5, 2007

Carnivorous Bunny & Winged Watchers – Phone Photos – 2nd Try

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It seems the first time I post this, only my computer displayed the images.  I hope it is working now. 

Recently I have been finding myself photo-happy with my cell phone. While the quality is never great, I keep forgetting my digital camera and so when the urge to snap a shot over comes me, I am left to using the Fido phone. Here are a few of my recent pics:

Every morning our dog, Dino, howls to be let out of his crate to join us. When we release him he eats, uses the yard, then promptly goes back to sleep. He enjoys stretching out next to Kim. What a lazy butt… We love him!

My folks took us out to Tony Roma’s (a rib joint) and while eating on the patio, this little bunny came along. People were tossing it carrots & celery. Then someone threw it a riblet. Everyone scoffed- that is until the bunny ignored the veggies and began nibbling the ribling! My kind of rabbit indeed.

While visiting my folks in my old home town, the ever wonderful Rainy River, we found some of the local kids ramping off the government dock into the grand ol’ river. They wrapped life jackets on the bike’s handle bars to keep it from sinking. Gutsy! (On a side note, if any of you are bird watchers, Rainy River is a must visit, as one of the best kept secrets of birding)

This gorgeous mouth was one of hundreds that swarmed our hotel in Duluth where I was performing a wedding. This one was only half the size of my hand. Where I grew up, the largest I ever found (caught in my bedroom window at midnight when I was 7) was larger than my head with its wing “eyes” as large as a full grown owl.

I have captured a few pictures on the digital camera too, so here as some of them as well:

This doe walked up to me at Gooseberry Falls State Park in Minnesota. The picture is blurry due to the attack of balck flies I was attempting (unsuccessfully) to defend myself against. Later than evening, while the best man & I took the groom out to play pool, a young buck approached me in the parking lot. I looked over to the groom and sad, “I guess is now officially your stag party”.

This ol’ fella lives in the trees around our yard. He chatters at anyone who invades it’s territory, which is anytime the dog goes out to pee or someone walks past the house. I am pleased that he has stopped nattering at Kim & I. We fear he hasn’t long to live, but we are glad he is one of our neighbours.

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